Landscape Photography is not as action packed
as Paul Hokenson’s image implies.  Most of the
time, scenic photography involves waiting -
waiting for the light - the sun - the clouds -
the moon - the tide - ....
That said, it is an incredibly rewarding way to
spend time.  
Thirty odd years ago while assigned to the
NYPD Intelligence Division I had the opport-
unity to do surveillance photography.  During
this assignment I learned the technical aspect
of the craft.
Landscape photography became a full time
pursuit after retirement.  It was soon apparent
that while technical competence was essential,
there was much more to landscape photo-
graphy.  Simply put, this new craft required
some understanding of ambient light and
graphic composition.
I have been pursuing the esthetic side of
landscape photography for ten years.  And while
there has been some progress, the longer I work
at it, the more I realize that it’s a never ending